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Did you know the average homeowner in Beaverton schedules their regular lawn mowing service on a bi-weekly basis? When was the last time your lawn was professionally serviced? Many of our clients see the value in routine care services, and since we are so thorough with each visit, many feel like they can wait two weeks between mowings. If you are more meticulous about your property, we will be happy to see you on a weekly basis as well! The value of customizing service to each individual client is a cornerstone of our company. If you're used to cutting your grass yourself, or if you haven't tried a regular mowing plan with a professional service, there are many reasons to try it this spring with us.

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    Lawn Services

    Our experienced crew understands how important it is for you to have well-maintained, healthy-looking grass. Naturally, regular and complete mowing is part of that process. However, there is more to this chore than what meets the eye. Lawn care isn't just one job, it's a complex system; and if it's done unprofessionally, you may end up with a dead or patchy lawn. A patchy or dying law would require more intensive treatments than regular mowing. This is why, when you hire a professional to handle this task, it saves you time and money in the long-run. Not only will you feel fantastic every morning when you gaze at your beautifully manicured lawn, when you leave this chore to us you will find yourself with more time to spend with your family and friends.

    Our Local Lawn Mowing Company

    Here is a general list of our comprehensive lawn care services:


    Given the importance of regular mowing, our standard lawn care package is very inclusive. In addition to servicing the lawn, we will trim and prune your trees, clean-up sidewalk edges, and remove fallen brush from fences and patios. Do you have a tree that's always shedding leaves and debris all over the place? Does your grass grow at an alarming rate? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, please inquire about signing up for a weekly or bi-weekly service. Do you have hedges or sidewalk edges that need regular care? Or, kids and pets that like to play rough outside near your garden? If yes to either of those, perhaps a monthly package would better suite your needs. Whichever plan is best, we've got you covered. When signing up for your customized plan, please ask about receiving a discount for paying for a full year up-front.

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    Lawn Care

    Another reason to consider leaving mowing to the pro's is the delicate nature of our modern lawn grass. Grass can be very temperamental. It must receive plenty of sunlight to grow; when your lawn is properly and evenly trimmed, all areas of the lawn receive equal sunlight, and you can avoid unsightly brown patches. Although trimming is obviously vital to the health of the lawn, it’s very important to stay above the crown line of the grass. Too deep a cut could damage the health of your grass. Because of the intricacies of lawn mowing, we use a special mower called a mulching mower, which is better for the health of the lawn. In addition to providing the most natural, effective and professional grass care, during our regular visits, we will also fight the enemies of your lawn.....weeds and invasive plant species. Aesthetics and health go hand-in-hand with lawn care. Regular mowing not only keeps your property looking phenomenal, it keeps pesky, unsightly weeds from taking over your entire yard. If left untreated, these invasive weeds can wreak havoc, killing healthy plans and causing all sorts of botanical chaos. When you sign up for one of our regular care packages, you get true peace of mind. Not only will your lawn be mowed beautifully, pesky weeds are regularly removed and prevented as well. Taking care of health of your flower beds and gardens is essential to having a healthy and vibrant landscape. 

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    Lawn Fertilization

    We offer several different fertilization options and weed treatments to keep your lawn looking great all year round. We have a slow-release fertilization program, as well as a treatment for weeds both before and after they emerge. Swift control and preventative maintenance are the keys to keeping weeds away. Our weed treatments specialize in broad leaf and grassy weeds, so you can be sure the service effective against the most common pests. Our company firmly believes that a healthy lawn and garden starts with the right nutrition, aka fertilizer. We don’t play guessing games, so we start with a soil test to ensure the right fertilizer is applied. Our test is advanced, and will tell us exactly what nutrients your soil is lacking.

    Lawn Seeding

    Spring Lawn Care

    So, now you are familiar with the general overview of what we offer for lawn care. Here at Beaverton Lawns, we want you to know we aren't just a business; we are experts in our field with knowledge we want to share with our community. Much of work we do is seasonal. There are specific regimens for each season, and for Pacific North West weather in particular. Spring lawn care is incredibly important. If you don't take adequate care of your lawn in the spring, you will "pay for it" for the rest of the year!

    • A spring treatment plan might look like this:
    • Aerating the soil
    • Spraying herbicide to get a head start weed control (particularly useful for crabgrass control) 
    • Thatch removal (removal of accumulated organic matter that collects around the roots of your grass) ​
    • Applying slow-release fertilizers -Seeding brown patches of grass
    • Regular mowing (mow only when the grass is over three inches tall, about every 2 weeks)
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    Summer Lawn Care

    In the summer, when grass gross its fastest, mowing plans should change from bi-weekly to weekly. Watering plans should also change once the temperatures average over 80 degrees. Keeping the grass well-watered is essential. With a good irrigation system, you can automate much of this task. In addition to increasing regular mowing, you should also be mindful of your fertilizer application, adding more fertilizer wherever needed. 

    Your summer lawn care to-do's:

    • Increase mowing from twice a month to between four and six times a month
    • Fertilize every month as needed to avoid brown and yellow patches
    • Increase watering (it's best to automate this process with an efficient irrigation and sprinkler system)

    Fall Lawn Care

    In the fall, you have to start preparing your lawn for the chilly months ahead. Begin to decrease watering and mowing as gradually as you increased. At this time of year, you can begin to treat the area for broadleaf weeds, which are a problem in the cooler months. Broadleaf weeds cannot multiply rapidly if you've been taking care of your lawn all summer; a thick, healthy turf will do a lot of the weed-prevention for you. Because the fall and winter are so rainy here in the Pacific Northwest, it's best to begin to decrease your water usage to prevent yard flooding, mushrooms and grubs.

    Your fall and autumn lawn care checklist:

    • Fertilization (use a low-nitrogen, high-potassium blend)
    • Decrease your mowing and watering gradually
    • Weed out the broadleaf weeds



    Winter Lawn Care

    In Oregon, our winter months are much more mild than much of the rest of the country. In that sense, we are certainly in luck! Even if we don't see lots of snow or bitterly cold temperatures, it's still crucial to winterize your lawn for this season. Do not fertilize after the ground is frozen. ​If you've properly fertilized in the fall, you won't have to worry about that task again until the following year. Although you won't be applying new fertilizer, we suggest testing your soil at this time of year. In Oregon, especially in the Portland area, it's common to see lots of clay in the soil, which can be a problem for certain plants. This is useful information to have before you begin your spring regimen. Your irrigation system will need some preparation at this time of year as well. Make sure you set your system to the lowest water usage possible, and empty the pipes of any remaining water. If the pipes freeze with water inside of them, they can expand and destroy the entire sprinkler system. 

    Your winter lawn to-do's:

    • Test your soil
    • Winterize your irrigation
    • Gentle pruning
    • Minimal mowing

    Full Service Lawn Care

    Here at Beaverton Lawns, we know that lawn care is a year-round job. One must commit to vigilance in the fall and winter to ensure lush lawns in the spring and summer. If you'd rather have peace of mind and spend less time on your lawn care, we can help you totally automate your lawn care needs. Our specialists will spend time with you developing a maintenance schedule that fits your budget and priorities. Landscapes, particularly lawns, are temperamental, and they require an incredible amount of care. Let us automate your care regimen; we guarantee it'll save you money and time, and best of all, you'll enjoy gorgeous green grass all year-round.