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    Landscaping Beaverton OR

    You found your way here because you care about your lawn. Lawn care goes beyond basic backyard cleanup; your lawn is an extension of your home. Our specialists and services will keep your yard looking clean, green and beautiful in the spring and in the fall. Our landscape maintenance company is the most reputable and the most affordable in the Beaverton area. Do you dream of a lush flower bed or a sprawling lawn? How about a stunning, modern patio with a roaring fire pit? If you can dream it, we will create it.

    We provide the best landscaping Beaverton OR, Hillsboro, and much of the Eastern side of greater Portland Oregon have to offer! Call us first for the best pricing and service when it comes to maintaining your grass, backyard, or front yard space!

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    Our Recent Projects

    Lawn Mowing

    From the beautiful homes with perfectly-manicured lawns, to the city centers with their fountains and sprawling hills, Beaverton is truly a lovely place to live and we are proud to the community. Along with lawn mowing, aeration, fertilizing, and yard cleanup, we also do tree trimming, small tree removal, landscaping, and hardscaping. If you have any questions on the type of work we do, we are one call away.

    Professional Lawn Care

    The challenge many homeowners face when starting their new project is simply not knowing where to begin. There are so many options for materials and so many possible outcomes, and you want your project to be fully-representative of your personal tastes. At Beaverton Lawn Care, we are proud to offer design consultations so we can plan this out with you, step by step. We have exactly what you're dreaming about; from bright local flowers that will brighten your space in the daytime, to dreamy, low-voltage lighting systems for evenings in the backyard. Our company prides itself on being able to meet every client's unique needs with friendliness, expertise and professionalism. Are you curious what your space could look like with a fountain, pond, or fire-pit? Hardscaping features are one of our many specialties. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound water gently trickling over rocks. A small stone bubbler or a small, artfully designed waterfall adds a conversational element for years to come, and its simple beauty will delight and relax you each time you gaze upon it. 

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    Yard Cleanup

    Our Beaverton yard clean-up services are tailored to meet your specific

    needs. From leaf removal and lawn mowing to pruning and debris cleanup,

    we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your yard looks its

    best in every season. We understand the unique challenges that local

    weather patterns and plant species can present, and we have the

    expertise to address them effectively. Whether you have a small

    residential yard or a sprawling commercial property, our team is

    equipped with the right tools and knowledge to transform your outdoor

    space into a clean, vibrant, and inviting environment. Contact us today

    to schedule your yard clean-up and experience the difference our

    Beaverton, OR-based service can make for your property.

    Pro Landscapers

    ​Aside from experience, we pride ourselves on our thorough, consciences service. Our friendly, professional technicians meet with you at your convenience to give you a quote and discuss the design goals for your space. They will arrive on-time, and work on your schedule. When you hire our landscaping company, you will feel that our technicians care about not only getting results, but your happiness and satisfaction. We know you have plenty of ideas when it comes to the vision and design of your space, and we're here to bring that vision to life. ​This is how we differ from a lot of companies; we work with you every step of the way to ensure you're delighted with our services.

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    Front Yard Landscaping

    ​Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone our our business, and making your dreams a reality is why we started our company. If you desire a bright new flowerbed, a lush garden full of vegetables, a refresh on your rock wall, or irrigation to bring your outdoor space to life, we will create that vision for you with our top-notch gardening services. A fresh patch of mulch is like the blank canvass for your new space. We will lay new mulch beds, or remove old mulch beds, to create the perfect garden for you. 

    Grass Installation

    ​Grass installation can give a totally new look to your lawn. Are you a low-maintenance homeowner? Then perhaps you will be interested in an artificial lawn. We offer sod installation for all sizes of yards. Artificial turf is popular in Oregon and the Beaverton area because it’s generally a little cheaper than most conventional sod lawns. Artificial turf provides a bright green, soft surface for kids and pets to play. If you’re environmentally conscious, it’s a great option because it will save more water over time. If you’re a more traditional home owner, then perhaps a fresh layer of new sod turf is just the thing your space needs. We can lay the new seedling, or we can install strips of sod turf, depending on how you want to design your outdoor space.

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    As we mentioned above, Beaverton Lawns is proud to offer a variety of hardscaping features and hardscaping maintenance packages. Hardscaping is a term used to refer to the hard materials built into a landscape. These materials can include rocks, stone, concrete, brick, gravel, and pavement. If you're considering a new hardscaping project, it's good to remember that the appearance of your hardscape feature will largely depend on the materials used to construct it. Flagstone, slate, and stamped concrete look the best on patio spaces, and we have a great selection of these materials to use on your patio project. In addition to looking great on the patio, stamped concrete, in particular, is very trendy because of its unique versatility.

    Patio Installation

    Many landscapers use stamped concrete for driveways, pool decks, walkways, and paths. This form of concrete makes a project less labor intensive; it's also durable and quite affordable, too. Using stamped concrete will certainly bring both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. Need more general ideas for your hardscaping project? Aside from fountains and fire pits and patios, hardscaping can include many commonly-overlooked features as well, such as stone walkways, pebble and gravel driveways, brick and rock walls, outdoor fireplaces, and pond structures. Hardscape features add style and functionality to your space, that's for certain. However, despite their beauty and design appeal, hardscape features may need specialized maintenance services to keep them looking their best.

    Over the years, because of the weather here in the Beaverton and Portland area, many of these lovely structures could fall, break, chip, or wear out. Do you have a hardscape piece in your backyard that has seen better days? Give us a call! We will repair and revive these spaces, or replace them if necessary. 

    Local Lawn Specialists

    Frequent rain isn't a surprise to Oregonians. Although we might long for sunny days after a solid week of dark, rainy skies, we all know the rain is what makes Oregon's landscape so vibrant and green. Still, we can say with certainty that this frequent rain brings unique landscaping challenges for Beaverton and Portland area homeowners. Here at Beaverton Lawns, we are ready to meet many of these unique elemental challenges.

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    The Best Landscaping Company in Beaverton, OR

    We are totally prepared to protect your home and property from the toll mother nature can take on it. Do you have a proper yard drainage system in place? If your front yard is flooded, we can provide professional yard draining solutions. In addition to draining the area, we will help protect it in the future by servicing your retaining walls. Retaining walls are the foundation of your property. Retaining walls fight gravity. They keep soil in place, which prevents the earth around it from sliding and falling down. Retaining walls also serve the incredibly important purpose of diverting water away from the foundation of your home during flooding. Combined with a French drain system, a retaining wall protects your home and property from the perils of heavy rainfall. A French drain is essentially a trench built at a slope around your home. The French drain is dug out, a pipe installed, and then the hole is filled with gravel. Our landscape maintenance professionals can work on these two systems to keep your basement dry, and your backyard beautiful.

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    Weed Control

    ​Is your lawn’s style as outgrown as your weeds? It’s time to revitalize your garden, lawn and landscape this year with new ideas and approaches. At our establishment, we offer weed control. Portlanders hate wasting water and refuse to dump toxic pesticides onto their lawns, yet they hang onto the concept of lawns. We totally understand why. Lawns are classic Americana! Because dedication to the environment sometimes conflicts with keeping up a lawn in the front yard, many Portlanders have puddled lawns in the winter and patchy, yellow ones in the summer.



    Residential Landscaping

    You can sum up Portland-area landscaping trends with just one word: sustainability.


    This concept is exemplified beautifully by rain gardens. Rain gardens are depressed areas of the yard, covered in mulch and inhabited by plant species that thrive in lots of water. Having a rain garden means you will be both slowing and purifying the many inches of rain that fall per year. A rain garden could absorb plenty of excess storm water, which could prevent yard flooding, sewer backup and even replenish natural groundwater to the ecosystem. Rain gardens are pretty to look at, and they provide countless benefits for homeowners and cities alike. We work with local plant nurseries who specialize in the types of plants you’ll need for this project. Your rain garden can be decorated lightly with round, flat stones to give it a pleasant modern look.

    Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

    Many of the new development homes in Beaverton come with a “builder’s landscape”. Builder’s landscapes are often made of layers of soil or clay, and retaining walls crafted from boulders. This leaves a new homeowner with basically nothing more than a pile of dirt. But one person’s pile of dirt is another’s blank canvass. Using this starting-point, it just takes a little creativity to build the perfect economical outdoor space. These backyards are often thin and narrow, with usage of retaining walls to create additional vertical space.


    Textured, colorful foliage is another great trend we’ve been enjoying. You can use yellow or green colored plants to brighten dark corners of the space. One of our favorites is the Japanese maples, which will thrive in those shady corners of your yard. These gorgeous, fiery-colored trees will look stunning when they are backlit during an afternoon sunset. Use larger, slow-growing trees to create a canopy over your garden plants to shield them from the heat in the summer. These trees add to the visual composition of the space in ways that you will appreciate for many years. If you’re like us, you enjoy tropical and exotic plants. Besides the Japanese maple, we recommend resilient succulents that drought-tolerant yet low-maintenance.

    Call us TODAY for a free estimate on your new plant pallet or rain garden!

    Areas We Service

    We provide expert landscaping services in Beaverton or and surrounding areas, including West Haven-Sylva, Raleigh Hills, Cedar Mill, Cedar Hills, West Slope, Garden Home-Whitford, Metzger, Tigard, Neighbors Southwest, Kinton, Five Oaks, Triple Creek, Tanasbourne, Orenco Station, Hillsboro, Reedville, Aloha, Huber, Hazeldale, and more.


    It’s nestled in the heart of Washington county, amidst a beautiful suburban landscape just seven miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland. Beaverton residents have realized that by living in this town, you get the best of both worlds; your own space in a quiet neighborhood, and quick access to the exciting, lively city of Portland. Oregon is geographically rich, and Beaverton is an excellent example of that fact. As Oregon’s sixth largest town, it exemplifies natural green beauty, as well as a vibrant, close-knit community of diverse residents.