Gardening Services Beaverton Oregon

Gardening is a joyful and relaxing hobby for many Beaverton homeowners. Whether you like to plant vegetables or seasonal flowers, growing something substantive for your whole household to enjoy is a lovely experience. We offer regular flower bed service to make sure you are free of weeds and pests, and your plants can thrive. Pruning is often an important step in garden maintenance as well. When you properly trim and prune your plants, they are able to grow larger and healthier.

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    Tree Trimming

    In addition to pruning, trimming, and fertilizing your plants, we will also trim the edges of your garden so the entire space looks neat and well-kept. It’s our goal you see the most stunning blooms from your flowers, and regular care maintenance can ensure that. Sometimes old flower beds no longer fit in the vision of your outdoor space. If there’s an old flower bed that is throwing off the look of your yard, we can remove or cover it for you. Are you an environmentally homeowner? We have gardening options for everyone, including drought-tolerant plans and conservative watering plans. Eager to start your garden now that the sun is out more often? We have plant and gardening options for you that are customized to Portland's seasonal weather, so we can get you the garden you've been dreaming of as quickly as possible. 

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    Thinking of starting a vegetable garden yourself? It's best to consult experts before laying down seeds or transplants. Vegetables are very particular, and our Pacific Northwest weather can be pretty temperamental. April, for example, is the best time to plant hearty vegetables like carrots, turnips and peas. You can plant these vegetables from seeds and you should see your success paying off in May. If you want to start with seedlings that have been grown for you, you can bring a kale or chard plant. Before you plant your delicate tomatoes, wait until the average temperature is 60-65 degrees. We have a great selection of seedlings and seeds from local vendors. Next time you're at the local farmer's market, see if they have seedlings or seeds for sale, and we can help you get them settled and growing in your own backyard. Once you have vegetables, seedlings or seeds planted, you have to be vigilant about weeds and pests. Check underneath rocks and a few inches into your soil on a regular basis- the earlier we can help you vanquish pests, the better off your garden will be!


    Our gardening services include:


    If you aren’t an avid gardener yet, or you simply want a new space for a different gardening project, we can install it for you. We can help you design and install your new garden, with a variety of vegetables or flowers of your choice. Besides the plants, a new garden must consist of a nutritious soil or a high-performing mulch. Mulch is an excellent material for flower beds and gardens. It provides insulation when it’s cool, as well as regulating moisture and combatting weeds. Mulch is a great addition to your yard, but it's important to leave it up to professionals. Although it's readily available at most home and garden stores, be careful before you bring bags home. Applying mulch too thickly has been linked to smothering tree roots, so it can do harm to your garden and yard if you aren't very careful. If you prefer your garden to be entirely made of earthy soil, we will customize a fertilizer plan to ensure your plants are healthy and bloom beautifully.

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    Garden Maintenance

    There is no simpler way to give your garden a fresh look than adding a layer of bark dust. Bark dust is a mulch-alternative that acts as a natural deterrent. Like mulch, a layer of bark dust will regulate the temperature of your garden like good insulation, keeping roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are a few different types of bark dust to consider. We offer Hemlock, Cedar and Fir bark dust, and the difference will be in the color and the look of the material. Some are more splintered, and some are more fine. Fir bark dust, for example, consists of larger pieces of bark, and many experts believe it's an excellent material for gardens in the Pacific Northwest area. It blends with the natural environment here, and it's readily available. Bark dust holds its color for a long time, so it's a good option if you're a low-maintenance homeowner.