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  • Spring Cleanups

Spring is the start of new beginnings....does your backyard need a makeover? Spring cleaning doesn't just meed organizing your closets or garage, it means making sure your backyard is in excellent shape for all the spring and summer activities. Depending on how active your yard care routine is, spring cleaning that space might seem like an incredibly daunting job. If there’s a yard clean-up job you’ve been putting off, don't worry- we are ready to handle it for you. Your backyard space isn't as simple to clean and organize as your home. Your backyard area will often include many types of plant life, insect life, and large natural structures, like tree limbs or shrubs. Taking on some of those clean-up jobs can even be dangerous. Like lawn care, it's best to leave yard-clean up to the professionals. We have the manpower, equipment, and training to tackle these jobs.  There’s no need to spend your precious free time cleaning your yard this spring; leave it to the professionals at Beaverton Lawn Care!

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    • Fall Cleanups, Leaf Removal and More

    Leaves may look beautiful when they fall, but if they’re left in piles it can wreak havoc on your yard. Fallen leaves block sunlight from your lawn, which leads to unsightly brown patches of dead grass. The deterioration of your yard can happen after just a week, so it’s very important to remove the leaves as quickly as possible. Not only do leaves lead to dead turf, they can also be dangerous. If the weather gets very dry, piles of leaves can even become a fire hazard. Leaf removal is an essential yard and lawn care service for every homeowner, and we offer several different package options so you can be sure the job gets done regularly. Removing leaves can be a back-breaking, blister-inducing job, especially if you have a bigger area to clean. You'll need a lot more than a garden rake from the local hardware store. We have an arsenal of landscaping tools ready to clear the area, and we are prepared to customize the job to make it as efficient as possible. As we may have mentioned, Beaverton Lawns is committed to creating a positive impact on the local environment. Oregonians are proud of the natural wonders of this state, and we are committed to doing our part to keep things beautiful. Did you know you can use your leaf waste as compost? Composting this yard waste is an excellent way to generate nutritious soil for your plants and garden!

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    Yard Maintenance

    Our yard clean-up services include:


    A messy yard will bring down the look and aesthetic of even the most beautiful, well-kept home. Having a well-maintained outdoor space sets the right impression for your guests and for all those who pass by your home. A dirty, unkempt yard may have overturned and broken flower-pots, overgrown grass and trees, dead plants, broken tree limbs, and piles of fallen leaves. Does that sound familiar? Although those items are common, it's important to prioritize their removal. Any one of those aforementioned issues will give an unpleasant, disorganized look to your backyard space. We are prepared to spend a full day, if not multiple days, to get your space looking clean and tidy. You will feel truly relaxed and relieved when we finish the job, especially if it's been something you've been putting off! Whether it’s a one-time cleanup or a regular maintenance plan, we've got you covered. Spring is in the air!

    Mulching Benefits - Best Time to Mulch in Oregon

    The best time to mulch in Oregon depends on the specific plants you are mulching and the type of mulch you are using. In general, it is best to mulch in the spring or fall when temperatures are cooler and the soil is moist. This allows the mulch to retain moisture and helps to regulate soil temperature. In the spring, mulching can help to suppress weeds and protect the soil from the hot summer sun. In the fall, mulching can help to protect the soil from winter weather and keep the roots of plants warm.

    If you are using a wood-based mulch, it is important to avoid applying it too thickly, as this can prevent air and water from reaching the soil. A layer of mulch that is 2-4 inches thick is generally sufficient. It is also important to leave a few inches of space around the base of plants to allow for proper air circulation.

    Overall, the best time to mulch in Oregon will depend on the specific needs of your plants and the type of mulch you are using. If you are unsure about the best time to mulch in your specific region of Oregon, you can consult with us as your landscaper and gardening expert for guidance.

    Moss Removal

    Moss is a common problem for homeowners in the Beaverton and Portland area. Moss requires special treatments, and we are prepared to handle your problem with a variety of methods. Removing moss can extend the life of your gutters and roof. After we remove the moss, we will work with you on a moss prevention plan to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur. Prevention is a very important step in the moss-removal process, and it'll save you money in the long-run. As we've stated before, at Beaverton Lawns, we are committed to creating a positive environmental impact. Some feel as though landscaping and lawn care creates a negative impact on the earth. However, we want to assure you we take our commitment to protecting the environment seriously. Yard waste removal is not only a hassle, but it can cause injury if you try to handle it on your own, so it's truly important to leave it to the pros.. Luckily, for the eco-conscious homeowner, there are still a variety of consciences options for their yard waste. Soil tests ensure we use the proper fertilizer, and a well-maintained irrigation system will minimize water usage. When it comes to yard debris clean-up, we also commit to helping you minimize your environmental impact by assisting you with and educating you about composting options. The cities in this area offer a curbside composting program, and you can always look into a home-compost as well. Dead leaves, bark dust, and organic yard debris make excellent compost material for soil. You will feel great knowing you did your part to protect the earth, and your yard will look incredibly lush from all the healthy, composted soil.