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Do you have sprinklers in need of repair? Does your yard need to be drained? Irrigation is a necessary system in any landscape. Proper irrigation provides the water necessary to keep your plants and your turf lush and beautiful. A professionally installed sprinkler system provides vital water to your yards, and it also saves you time and water. Because your sprinkler system is out of sight, it often goes unnoticed, which can lead to issues. It’s important to make sure your irrigation system minimizes runoff, utilizes efficient drainage, and maximizes water retention. Your irrigation system will depend on a variety of factors, like your lawn size and the type of turf you have. Because of the importance of irrigation, and how much it can differ from lawn to lawn, the best solution is to craft an individual plan to meet your specific lawn care needs.

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    Sprinkler System Maintenance

    Your yard's irrigation system includes:


    Few things will irritate a proud owner more than a lawn with brown or yellow patches. With a proper irrigation and sprinkler system, you can “set it and forget it”, knowing your lawn is watered and healthy without having to actively maintain it yourself. Seeing your lawn beautiful and even will make you feel great, and it will also increase the curb appeal of your property.

    Beaverton homeowners care about the impact they have on the environment. Proper irrigation maintenance means making sure your sprinkler system is running in accordance with local rules. It also means using state-of-the-art watering solutions. We customize watering plans with each client to ensure the best cost for the homeowner, which minimizes the total water usage and thus the environmental impact. These processes are called “winterization” for the winter, and “activation” for the spring.

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    Irrigation Winterization Service

    ​​Depending on where you live, you may opt for minimal usage or a complete shut-off in the winter months. When spring rolls around, you can increase your system’s watering or turn it back on if it was shut off completely. Our technicians are certified in sprinkler system technologically and weather-based control systems. Weather based control systems can be a variety of tools, including drip irrigation, high-efficiency nozzles, soil sensors, and more. When you align your sprinklers with the weather and seasons, you will be efficient, eco-friendly, and you’ll save money.


    Routine inspection will extend the life of your irrigation system, thus ensuring the health of your entire landscape. We offer seasonal inspections of your irrigation systems so you can be confident that pipes haven’t frozen or sprung a leak. Whether you have a drip system or a sprinkler system, signing up for a regular inspection plan will save you time, money, and water.