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Landscape maintenance is the maintenance and improvement of your outside space, from your grass to your stone surfaces and rock walls. Without any major construction or interruption to your daily life, we can refresh and revitalize your outdoor living space. That’s why it’s important to choose a landscape maintenance company for your outdoor projects and yard care; you get all the look, feel, and benefits of a major improvement to your space, without having to deal with a major construction project. Portland is famous for its creativity, as the home of many brilliant designers and artists just waiting to be discovered. Many of those talented people have found themselves in the landscaping field, and it makes a lot of sense. Landscaping is certainly art. From intricate brick walls to artfully planted hedges and flower beds, there are many expressions of style in your landscape. Does your landscape speak to your style? We can design a landscape plan to make sure it does. Our on-site artists will draw up design plans with you to craft the perfect outdoor living-space, from sod to stone. 

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    Landscape Maintenance Services We Offer

    Our landscape maintenance services include:


    Environmentally-friendly, natural solutions are important to the Beaverton homeowner. That’s why our lawn care program includes lawn aeration, which naturally improves the health and potential of your existing soil. Using a special tool, our technician turns over your soil layers, infusing the dirt with oxygen. By simply oxygenating the soil, you can dramatically improve the health of your lawn. Oxygen is one of the natural elements and necessary ingredients to a vivacious and thriving lawn. Using a large, specialized tool that rolls over areas of turf, we poke even rows of holes in the ground. Despite the many punctures, this is actually the least-invasive method of aeration. Your lawn recovers quickly and the fresh oxygen helps a new layer of turf grow quickly and strongly. Lawn care experts will recommend an aeration treatment about twice per year, and we can customize an aeration plan that works best for your situation. 

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    Sod Installation

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    Beaverton homeowners want options when it comes to turf installation. Many new development homes don't come with any turf, just a field of dirt, much like a blank canvass. Installing large rolls of turf is the first step to giving life to this new backyard. To give you the best of both worlds, we offer both sod turf and artificial turf installation. Sod turf is essentially a natural lawn that’s already grown for you.  Our regional business partners grow the sod in the area, so it never travels far before it's planted at your home. ​It’s environmentally-friendly because it helps trap carbon emissions, and it improves the health of existing soil. If you prefer an artificial grass instead, we will install that for you as well. Artificial grass is preferred by some homeowners because it requires less water and is considered especially soft for kids and pets. Each option is a personal choice, and our designers and experts will help you choose the best fit. Whichever turf option best suites your needs, we ready to install it for you

    Yard Clean Up Services in Beaverton OR

    Yard clean-up isn’t just a simple clean-up job in many cases. Bark dust, tree limbs, fallen leaves and other debris make yard-clean up a daunting job for the average homeowner. Why not kick off spring cleaning by calling our professional team? When we get to your home, we will assess the situation and formulate a clean-up plan. Generally the yard-clean up jobs take from one to three days, depending on the size and extent of the mess. Cleaning all the debris is only the first step; proper disposal is also very important. We are available to clean your yard and outdoor living space, no matter the size of the job. Wether Spring is in the air, or you have a fresh pile of leaves that have fallen, it’s not too late to get your yard cleaned and beautiful for the season or prepped for the winter. Let us handle the dirty work! We'll bring our crew and tools and have your property looking sharp in no time!

    Backyard Lighting

    ​​Backyard lighting is an essential part of the design of your outdoor space. We can install a variety of lights around the yard, including solar-powered lights, LED lights, and low-voltage lights. Backyard lighting is essential for enjoying the space in the evening. Changing or installing backyard lights will make your space feel warm and inviting, long after the sun goes down. Gardens are a joyful hobby for many, but installing and maintaining the garden space is a big job. We are here to make sure you can enjoy your relaxing activity without worrying about mulching or weeding. We have a variety of weed-treatment services and fertilizer options to give your garden the proper nutrition it needs. We can also install many fully-grown plants of your choosing.

    Retaining Walls

    No backyard is complete without it’s hardscapes. The annual rainfall and elements can wear down, crack, and destroy the hardscapes in your yard. We are here to bring new life to your stone and hardscape areas. We can maintain pavers, bricks, concrete and flagstone surfaces. Irrigation and Sprinkler system keep appropriate levels of water flowing to your lawn, which keeps it lush and and beautiful. Irrigation systems can be complex and difficult to maintain for many homeowners, so we are here to make sure your system is running well. We will manage your water usage, and regularly inspect your system to ensure it’s working efficiently.


    Retaining walls and yard drainage go hand-in-hand. The retaining walls along your property keep your landscape’s shape and integrity, and they also provide important protection for your home against flooding. Maintaining these structures is essential, so that’s why we offer repair and installation of draining systems. The French drain is a popular, simple solution to yard flooding and flooding protection. Improper drainage can lead to erosion, pests, and dying shrubs.